About mayapurtechnovillage

I have worked with the public, with good interpersonal communication. I use to work frequently abroad in Mauritius, France, Zambia, India, and now Ghana and Nigeria. In almost all technical issues. In my early days, when I graduated, I was in Calcutta as a volunteer and then I work cleaning water from arsenic contamination in the town of Navadwip (West Bengal). In the Central African Republic I was in the Cambonian Brothers Mission, Installing PV isolation to develop an operating room and disinfectants from the wood ash. (Lye) Although the most important works that may interest you, I think, are the ones for the Enermes company or in collaboration with them: - 3.5MW POTENECE PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANT IN LÁPICE PORT, CIUDAD REAL. - THERMO REFIGERATION FOR THE BUILDINGS OF THE DISTRICT FROM THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL PARK OF ALBACETE, - DEVELOPED BY THE CASTILLA LA MANCHA UNIVERSITY. - CONSTRUCTION OF THE PLANT OF A GAS COGENERATION PLANT IN THE OLD ARMS FACTORY OF TOLEDO. - COLABORATION IN THE EXPANSION WORKS FOR THE RECRUITMENT OF A RESORT IN LOKOJA, NIGERIA. - DISTRIBUTION AND SELL OF PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR KITS IN GHANA. - PROJECT AND BUDGET FOR THE INSTALLATION OF 1MW IN UJJAIN, MADHIA PRADESH, INDIA. I look forward to work with you in the country that will take the 40% of the world trade. Greetings. Málaga 19 de Septiembre del 2011 Thanks in advance.